Cover Up Tattoos

There are plenty of tattoos out there that unfortunately are now hated, resented, and no longer relevant. Whether you have to say “I am not with her anymore”, “that was relevant when I got this tattoo” or you have one of so many more reasons to regret an existing tattoo, you don’t need to worry because we can take care of it for you.

Unwanted tattoos can be removed using laser technology these days. And they do a wonderful job of removal. For this approach, you would want to really check out a doctor or nurse at a tattoo removal center for details. We have had clients actually lighten tattoos so that we can tattoo elaborate and detailed work over top of the old one. Lasers can remove and lighten an old or crude tattoo so that we are able to approach the cover up more thoroughly. But remember, include us in the process.

Many come in and tell us “I would rather have this tattoo or that tattoo, but I know that won’t cover this piece of yuck.” It’s best if you don’t try to do the cover up for us. Think of what you would want if you had nothing where the less desirable tattoo is. That way we can help you decide the best approach to replace your old tattoo with something that is much more desirable to you.

Check out some of the cover up before and after photos of the work we have done in the past. This may give you an idea of what we can accomplish. There are some myths out there, like tribal work cannot be covered. Well, they are myths for a reason. Tribal can easily be covered.

Just remember that a cover up takes more than one sitting. When the tattoo is healed and looks perfect, that is when it is done. A cover up type of tattooing requires a consultation and an appropriate study from the artists to thoroughly investigate the possibilities on what can cover your current work best.

This is a very fun and satisfying form of tattooing for a few reasons. First, to be able to take a tattoo that some insists on covering up at the beach or pool due to embarrassment, and turning it into a piece that they are proud to show and wear is very satisfying for a tattoo artist. It makes us feel good to provide such a positive new self-image when looking in the mirror. Maybe it is time to inquire about that piece you just don’t have the same love for anymore. If you have a tattoo that you like but it’s looking tired and worn, it may only need to be touched up and brought back to life from extensive sun exposure or age.

Maybe you really want to get rid of a specific memory forever. Whatever the choice is, we have you covered and are committed to making the most sound and professional decision as to which direction you wish to go. Just gather information and we can help you make your decision with the best approach. Remember, we are not “yes” artists who won’t tell you gently that an idea may not be the best approach. We will be honest and professional so that you can make the decision and tell us what direction you wish to go in. This is very important. And please, no rush decisions!

Some of the cover ups that we have done in the past were from exactly that problematic thinking. Many times people who just rush in to get a tattoo, with no inquiry and no thought process are the ones who change their mind and want a cover up. This may work when you’re ordering a dessert at a restaurant and then end up regretting it later. Soon that’s just a memory of a poor choice. But with a tattoo, it’s a radically different story when it comes to impulsive body art.

Let us see what you have that you don’t want, tell us what you do what, and we’ll give you ideas and help you move forward from there.