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Tattoo FAQs

Tattoos Are Painful
Tattoos are permanent and also painful. It is a needle going about 5 to 7 layers in skin, down to the dermis. Women sit much better for tattoos than men. Why do you think women are in charge of birth?

UV Light Damages Tattoos
UV light of the sun or a tanning bed can destroy a tattoo. To say it fades a tattoo is not true. If it faded, then you could recolor it. Picture the sun adding brown to all the colors and making it muddy. That is a more accurate description of what UV light does to a tattoo than fading.

Family Tattoos
If you have a loved one and you want to honor them with a tattoo, we suggest that you get a tattoo with the name of your mother, your father, or your children. Even if you fight, these people are still your blood and there is less regret later if that is the case.

Beware of These Tattoos
The kiss of death sometimes is the name of a lover, a partner, a girlfriend, or a boyfriend. Trust that they know you love them, but we don’t recommend that you prove it to them in your skin!

We Don’t Recommend Face or Hand Tattoos
Stay away from face and hands, for now. When you are covered with tattoos and your bank account is in the millions, then consider incredibly hard to hide tattoo areas. From our experience, it’s just smart to steer clear of these areas, especially for first tattoos.

Think Carefully Where Your Tattoo is Placed
Because everyone, including employers and even potential spouses, may not be as into tattoos as you are, it is wise to consider that when you are deciding where to place your tattoos.

Women, we suggest your first tattoos be placed in an area that can be covered easily. The same goes for men. Picture a job interview, a wedding where you are a bride or bridesmaid and picture where the tattoo is and whether you want it to show. There is plenty of skin that you can hide, so consider that when choose a spot for your tattoo.

I see men with hand tattoos and hear stories of how this affected a raise, a promotion or even the loss of a potential job. No artist wants to be connected to that type of negative response from a tattoo. Yes, we are all individuals, but we also live in a world where judgment and earning sometimes go hand in hand. So please be thoughtful of where you want your tattoo.

Healing Your Tattoo
Healing of a tattoo is best from the studio you got the tattoo. There is more than one way to heal a tattoo, so don’t let someone tell you otherwise. From topical serum to nutrition, we can tell you what we do. It does not mean that the other studios and artists are wrong. It is just a different way to heal. We have our way, and it works insanely well.

For details on our healing process, we prefer that you call or stop by our tattoo studio. This gives us the opportunity to talk with you and answer your questions. We feel that giving instructions on tattoo healing without the ability for you to ask questions is like doing surgery from a manual. We prefer the more personal approach so that we know you are happy with our work.

Sunblock and Tattoos
Mineral sunblock is the best sunblock when you have a tattoo. Oxybenzone is a ketone that is in many sunblocks, and it reacts to hormone receptors of the cells of the body. Mineral sunblock is healthy, incredibly protective of the skin, and is just better to use when you have tattoos.

Steer Clear of Peer Pressure Tattoos
You are free to get anything you want tattooed, but we seriously recommend you steer clear of peer pressure tattoos. Miley Cyrus gets a tattoo on her finger? Now 30 million girls want the same tattoo. Seriously, we feel you are better off being the individual you truly are.

Make a Wise Tattoo Decision
Consider the designs you like. Talk to family. Talk to friends. But in the end, make it YOUR tattoo. After all, this is your body and your body is YOUR responsibility. Always!

Please Ask Questions
Ask us questions! NO spontaneous tattooing! No drunk tattooing! NO high tattooing! This is how you really screw up the art on your body and live to regret it. Tattooing and regret should never be in the same sentence if you are truly thoughtful before you make your decision. So let’s become mature and really plan out this process.

Stay Away from Trends
They are exactly that. Just a trend. Get a tattoo that is just for you, not some new thing that is circling the globe. Remember, a tattoo is for you. Maybe the world doesn’t need to know what it means unless you want to tell them.

Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. We say this because we see a LOT of men with books of words written on their bodies and it confuses us. Did he get these tattoos all over for strangers to know him? Make the tattoo for you. Make it personal.

We Are Here for You
Always remember, we are here to help you in every detail of the entire process, because this is what we do. Welcome to the art of tattoo.

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