About Us

We have one goal… 
Creating the best tattoo possible for the client!

We don’t want any awards. We don’t really need accolades from anyone other than the person wearing our tattoo. The client comes first and always will. Period.

fill-in-picture-jWe are Broward County Health department inspected, and we encourage anyone to come and discuss our methods of sterilization and cross contamination techniques. We have a thorough understanding of Blood Borne Pathogens. We have autoclaves on site, and they are constantly being tested for consistency of being able to sterilize any equipment touching the public.

We welcome ANY questions regarding cleanliness, sterilization techniques, and the correct approach to the entire process of tattooing.

We encourage all of you to feel comfortable asking any questions you may have. From our autoclave, to our process of creating a tattoos for the public, we are open to whatever it is that you need from us.

Tattoos are indelible marks that need to be taken with the utmost of seriousness. We love working with you to create “one of a kind” tattoos that will not only endure the next few years, but that will last a lifetime. We take the attitude that we’re creating a timeless memory with your tattoo that will outlast any current trends and fads.image_6

We really discourage any hand and facial tattooing. Facial and hand tattoos, though we have done them in the past on heavily tattooed individuals and tattoo artists, are a very delicate topic. We welcome any discussion on this topic, as we realize this is a very personal decision. If facial and hand tattoos are what you are seriously looking for, we promise that any tattoo we create will bring you joy and empower you.

We are located in a plaza at Oakland Park Avenue and North Federal Highway, one of the busiest intersections in all of Broward County and Fort Lauderdale. We are blessed to have many food service restaurants and bistro’s close by.

Remember, tattooing on an empty stomach is something we want to avoid! With the beach only minutes from the studio, guests and family of the person getting tattooed can easily pop off to the beach for some sun, fun and sand.

Please take your time to read the sections on the artists, on healing, on getting a tattoo, on cover up tattoos, and all the other information we are providing for your health and safety.

Please remember, ANY questions you have regarding our work our critical. We want you to be completely comfortable with our process and want to consistently portray a sense of transparency regarding the entire process of your tattoo.

We want you to enjoy not only the final product, but we really want you to be involved and enjoy the entire process. Everyone has a reason to get a tattoo, from a bonding moment with loved ones, to a remembrance of love lost. There are infinite reasons to permanently mark the skin with a “chosen” talisman of remembrance.

We are honored that you have considered us in this process, and we take this responsibility incredibly seriously. Thank you for reading our information. We look forward to meeting you soon!