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Awareness Symbol Tattoos

Many of our family members and loved ones have known someone with cancer, autism, mental health issues, and much more. Support and love is shown to these people by representing the Awareness Symbol related to their pains and sufferings.  For example, the pink ribbon is showcased on the bumper of a car or elsewhere to show support for those who went through, or still battling, breast cancer.  Other Awareness symbols include a puzzle piece for Autism, a light teal ribbon for ovarian cancer, equal rights, marriage equality and even a semi-colon symbol for self harm.

Wearing these symbols as designs for clothing and jewelry are not the only way support has and can be shown.  Many folks get intricate tattoos of these symbols to share that they’re supporting someone they know whose suffering, or they themselves are going through this hardship.  Tattooing these symbols are a more permanent way to show that you’re fighting with the ones affected.  Here at Stevie Moon Tattoos, we have a strong crew of Fort Lauderdale Tattoo Artists who will proudly tattoo you or your loved ones with the awareness symbol you’re proudly supporting.

To show committed support with any of these symbols, our Fort Lauderdale tattoo shop can empathize with the cause, and work with your design to help you make a statement.

You can talk to one of our local tattoo artists at our Fort Lauderdale tattoo shop, by calling us at 954-565-4470 and let us know what design you are looking to get a tattoo of.

So you think you want a tattoo? You’ve taken your time and thought about it and it’s time to get the tattoo you want from one of the great Fort Lauderdale tattoo artists at Stevie Moon Tattoos. What’s the first thing you need to know to get ready for a Fort Lauderdale tattoo? Read the information on our website so that you come into our local tattoo studio prepared properly. Here are some highlights of what you need to know.

The night before you get a tattoo, be sure you get a lot of sleep. Having your body rested can help your tattoo heal better and faster for you. Plus, if you’re well rested, you’ll be able to handle the pain your body will go through much better than if you’ve been up for days at a time with very little sleep. So please be sure you’re well-rested when you come in for a tattoo.

Don’t skip breakfast if you’re coming in for a tattoo in the morning. Having enough food and liquids in your body will help keep your blood sugar up and that is another way to help make sure your body has what it needs to get ready for a Fort Lauderdale tattoo.

One of the most important things you need to know to get ready for your tattoo appointment is this. Do not drink before you have a tattoo done. Alcohol and tattooing don’t mix. Alcohol is a blood thinner and that’s not something you should have in your system when you’re getting ready to get a tattoo.

So before you come in for a tattoo, be sure you follow these and all the suggestions we offer you online. If you’d like to talk to one of our local tattoo artists so you’re sure how to get ready for a Fort Lauderdale tattoo, please give us a call at 954-565-4470 and let us know what we can do to help you.

If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo in Fort Lauderdale, there’s only one tattoo studio you need to visit, and that’s Stevie Moon Tattoos. Why? Because you’ll find the most experienced, most caring tattoo artists in the entire state when you come in. We are a team that’s committed to giving you the best tattoo you can possibly get. At the same time, we’re a local Fort Lauderdale tattoo shop that wants to be the place you come when you have an idea for a tattoo, the place you recommend to your friends and family, the tattoo studio you trust to do work on your body that will last you a lifetime.

We understand that getting a tattoo in Fort Lauderdale is a very personal experience. You may have just lost a loved one and you want to commemorate them by inking your body. You may have had a new addition to your family and you want to have the name or even a photo of your new child or new pet tattooed where you can display it to others. Maybe you’re a member of the military and you want to have their emblem displayed for all to see. Or maybe you’re looking for somewhere to get your very first tiny tattoo where nobody will see it just to see what it feels like to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

No matter what your reasoning for getting a tattoo in Fort Lauderdale, you can trust the experienced tattoo artists at Stevie Moon to do a great job for you. Whether you want something tiny that you can hide or a full body tattoo that everyone can see, we will be happy to help you express yourself in a way that shows your vision on your canvas. It will be an honor and a pleasure to serve your tattoo needs. Please give us a call at 954-565-4470 and make an appointment soon.

Every day there are people who get tattoos that they will regret in years to come. Sometimes they get the name of a current love interest tattooed on their body, only to find out that shortly afterward the relationship ends. Or a young person gets a tattoo on their body of a cartoon character or fad they think will last forever, only to be sorry they got it a short time later. What do you do if you have a tattoo you don’t want? Tattoos are done in permanent ink and it’s generally pretty difficult to get tattoos removed or even covered up. The good news is that you can come to our Stevie Moon tattoo studio and have a Fort Lauderdale tattoo cover up done by one of the best tattoo artists in town, Stevie Moon.

Stevie is known for his Fort Lauderdale tattoo cover up skills by people throughout the area. His cover up experience started when he was just a young child who touched up a temporary tattoo that had gone through the shower. When he realized how great he felt being able to fix that tattoo and bring the colors back to life, he knew he was hooked and wanted to learn as much as possible about proper tattoo cover up techniques. He studied his craft with one of the finest tattoo artists in the country, Juli Moon, who helped him hone his skills into the experienced tattoo artist he is today.

Whether you’re looking for a tiny new tattoo, a full body tattoo, or a Fort Lauderdale tattoo cover up, call Stevie Moon tattoo studio at 954-565-4470 for an appointment. We’ll help you choose the tattoo design that is just what you want, or help you cover up a tattoo you had done and now regret. You’re in good hands when you come to our local tattoo shop.

These days you don’t have to go too far to see people with tattoos. Just walk down any street in any city in the world, and you’ll most certainly see tattoos on people of all ages. Years ago the only people you would see with tattoos were usually people in the military. You’d see soldiers come home from overseas with tattoos with their mother’s name or just a tattoo that says “Mother”. Some sailors would have American flags or the Marine insignia done on their upper arm. But seeing the average person walking around with tattoos on their arms, their necks, their legs, or anywhere else on their body was pretty rare. Today, we have people of all ages coming to our Fort Lauderdale tattoo studio requesting tattoos of all sizes, shapes and colors.

At our Stevie Moon Fort Lauderdale tattoo studio, we see people young and old who want many different types of tattoos in spots all over their bodies. Our Fort Lauderdale tattoo artists have done tattoos in many sizes and shapes, from tiny little butterflies to full body mermaid tattoos that are more beautiful than you can imagine.

You might be wondering why people get tattoos, and that’s a very good question. There are many different answers to that question, but the one that generally fits a majority of people is this. People get tattoos to enhance their identity. They want others to know who they are and what they stand for, and a tattoo that has meaning to them can do just that. Whether you’re looking for a tattoo to reveal who you really are or you want one to commemorate a loved one who has passed, or for any other reason, come to our Stevie Moon Fort Lauderdale tattoo studio and we’ll be happy to help you figure out which tattoo is right for you. You can reach us at (954) 565-4470 during regular business hours. We look forward to putting your vision on your canvas.

  • My first tattoo was a stick-on tattoo that my brother brought me from a KISS concert in the 1970s.
  • Once my stick-on tattoo faded, I did my first touch up with my father’s India Inks and a Q tip. That gave me the “bug” to get tattoos.
  • In 1985, I met my best friend Patrick’s future wife, Juli Moon, and she gave me the opportunity to learn tattooing from her. She’s one of the best tattoo artists in the country.
  • In September, 1993, my senior year of college, I started tattooing. I ended up leaving college and moving to New Hampshire, near Patrick and Juli, to pursue a career in tattooing.
  • I did my first bit tattoo on Elayne “Angel” Binnie. It was a full body mermaid tattoo, and I did some of the scales of the mermaid. Working with Juli as my tattoo mentor gave me the confidence I needed to study my craft and become the tattoo artist I am today.
  • I moved from New Hampshire to Boston in 2000, and then to South Florida, where I have my own tattoo business now in Fort Lauderdale.
Elayne ‘Angel’ Binnie, first person I ever tattooed. Helped Juli with some of the scales. Mermaid by my teacher Juli Moon, wings on back Bob Roberts, arms Alex Binnie

The medium of skin, my canvases move! They stretch, twist, turn, dance. It really is like being a fashion designer, my fabric is the psyche of the person I am tattooing, and their skin is the canvas. I am so incredibly honored to be trusted with indelible ink in the dermis.

Over 20 years of tattooing and I feel like I am starting to really get this art form. I think I need another 20 years to give me a better peek into figuring it out as well! I never want to lose my ability to really grow and learn. I figure once I THINK I know how to tattoo, maybe it is time to find another form of expression. Because if I KNOW how to tattoo, doesn’t that mean I have nothing left to learn? I hope I never get to this point. I love this form of art too much.

In closing, I am obsessed with this art. Every client has an idea, sometimes an exact vision of what they want. My job? Find the tattoo that already exists on this canvas. Find the essence of the work, not just the color, line, motion of the tattoo. That is critical, but I started learning how to say something with the art. What the wearer wanted to see. What the world wanted to see by the one wearing the art. What did they want to convey?

Stevie’s Political Activism:

  • In 1993, Juli Moon and I were invited to be on the board of the New Hampshire Health Department to write a bill regulating tattooing in the state. We helped prepare the bill that is now a law in New Hampshire.
  • I moved from New Hampshire to Boston in 2000, and then to South Florida, where I have my own tattoo business now.
  • I have worked with Florida Senator Eleanor Sobel to draft a bill for tattooing in the state of Florida. The bill has since passed and I am happy to have been able to a representative for tattooists in the state of Florida.

If you wish to dive deeper into the details of Florida’s Tattoo Law you can google ‘Stevie Moon Senator Sobel Tattoo’ and find many fun details. What an engaging battle this was! In the end all were happy and I made some new friends in politics.

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