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Welcome to our Fort Lauderdale, Florida Tattoo Studio! And for many of you, welcome to Florida, as well!

We are a group of artists who work together to “push the limits” of tattooing and constantly help and assist each other in the creation of tattoos for every client that comes to our studio. We are reclusive, obsessive and we do not understand things like ‘impossible’, ‘cannot be done’ or ‘no one can cover this horrible tattoo’ we love any challenge and will back it up with integrity and diligence. The number one priority is getting you the tattoo you want…period!

Tattooing is a healing art, a warrior’s art. There is no “right way” to pick a tattoo. Everyone has a story and some pick our studio to tell the world (and themselves) this story they want to wear the rest of this lifetime. Mention Fort Lauderdale tattoo or South Florida tattoo scene and expect to hear about our studio with its impeccable attention to design and detail.

Here at Stevie Moon, we work obsessively and are designing tattoos around the clock. We accommodate your schedule for a consult or get your tattoo on the same day whether you are from the local Ft. Lauderdale or Miami area, anywhere in the US or from Europe or South America or any other country. We can work around your Florida vacation or business schedule. You deserve the best tattoo and consultations are always free.

From a large to small tattoo, from a custom tattoo to your own design, black and gray work, realistic, Japanese body suits, from portrait tattoos to any design, we can handle anything you desire. Call us today for a free tattoo consultation because you deserve the best!

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