Fort Lauderdale Tattoo Cover Up

Every day there are people who get tattoos that they will regret in years to come. Sometimes they get the name of a current love interest tattooed on their body, only to find out that shortly afterward the relationship ends. Or a young person gets a tattoo on their body of a cartoon character or fad they think will last forever, only to be sorry they got it a short time later. What do you do if you have a tattoo you don’t want? Tattoos are done in permanent ink and it’s generally pretty difficult to get tattoos removed or even covered up. The good news is that you can come to our Stevie Moon tattoo studio and have a Fort Lauderdale tattoo cover up done by one of the best tattoo artists in town, Stevie Moon.

Stevie is known for his Fort Lauderdale tattoo cover up skills by people throughout the area. His cover up experience started when he was just a young child who touched up a temporary tattoo that had gone through the shower. When he realized how great he felt being able to fix that tattoo and bring the colors back to life, he knew he was hooked and wanted to learn as much as possible about proper tattoo cover up techniques. He studied his craft with one of the finest tattoo artists in the country, Juli Moon, who helped him hone his skills into the experienced tattoo artist he is today.

Whether you’re looking for a tiny new tattoo, a full body tattoo, or a Fort Lauderdale tattoo cover up, call Stevie Moon tattoo studio at 954-565-4470 for an appointment. We’ll help you choose the tattoo design that is just what you want, or help you cover up a tattoo you had done and now regret. You’re in good hands when you come to our local tattoo shop.