Awareness Symbol Tattoos

Many of our family members and loved ones have known someone with cancer, autism, mental health issues, and much more. Support and love is shown to these people by representing the Awareness Symbol related to their pains and sufferings.  For example, the pink ribbon is showcased on the bumper of a car or elsewhere to show support for those who went through, or still battling, breast cancer.  Other Awareness symbols include a puzzle piece for Autism, a light teal ribbon for ovarian cancer, equal rights, marriage equality and even a semi-colon symbol for self harm.

Wearing these symbols as designs for clothing and jewelry are not the only way support has and can be shown.  Many folks get intricate tattoos of these symbols to share that they’re supporting someone they know whose suffering, or they themselves are going through this hardship.  Tattooing these symbols are a more permanent way to show that you’re fighting with the ones affected.  Here at Stevie Moon Tattoos, we have a strong crew of Fort Lauderdale Tattoo Artists who will proudly tattoo you or your loved ones with the awareness symbol you’re proudly supporting.

To show committed support with any of these symbols, our Fort Lauderdale tattoo shop can empathize with the cause, and work with your design to help you make a statement.

You can talk to one of our local tattoo artists at our Fort Lauderdale tattoo shop, by calling us at 954-565-4470 and let us know what design you are looking to get a tattoo of.